Industry Programs


Georgia Tech PRC offers a single industry consortium with many programs, each with many projects, customized to each of the participating full member. Each Program is led by an experienced Program manager and the Program includes a team of Academic Faculty, experienced engineers, Graduate Students, On-campus Industry Engineers, as well as Interns from other Universities.

2014-2016 Consortia Programs

Global Co-development Industry Partners

Listed below are PRC’s industry partners are co-developing the next generation systems packaging. These co-developing companies include material, tool, and substrate manufacturing companies as well as assembly companies. In addition, it includes IC and system user companies.  ‚Äč

Georgia Tech New Era of Automotive Electronics

Beginning in 2016, Georgia Tech will develop the most comprehensive, leading-edge system-level global supply-chain-to-end user Industry Consortium in GAE (Georgia Tech Autonomous Electronics), involving:

1.  Researchers, developers, manufacturers, and users

2. Design to materials and processes to components to modules to integrated systems

Georgia Tech Faculty Expertise covers technologies necessary to achieve next-level automotive electronics system integration.