Graduate Research Assistants

  Student Research Focus
Muhammad Ali
5G Packaging
Advanced Substrates, Modeling, Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Transmission Lines, Passives and integrated Antenna Arrays​
Chintan Buch 
3D Glass Packages for Sensing Electronics​
Design and Demonstration of low cost, high reliability ultra-thin 3D glass packages for sensors​
Bartlet DePropso
2.5D Glass Interposers
Design and Demonstration of Large and Ultra-thin 2.5D Glass Interposer with TB/s System Bandwidth​
Shreya Dwarakanath
High-Temperature Materials and Reliability    
Inorganic/organic hybrid materials as novel dielectric materials for high-temperature RDL 
Yunyi Gong
77 GhZ SiGe Automotive Radar Receiver
Design and Demonstration of High Linearity Low Noise 77 GHz Automotive Radar Receiver ​
Tim Huang
Glass Interposer Metallization
Studies of interfacial adhesion and copper plating chemistry for metallization of through-package-vias in glass interposers
Haksun Lee
High Power Electronics   
Design and Demonstration of High-Frequency GaN DC-DC Converters with Integrated-Magnetics for (H)EVs​
Hao Lu
2.5D Glass Interposer Design and Demonstration 
Modeling, Fabrication and Characterization of Impedance Controlled 2 Micron Multilayer RDL for 20 Micron Bump Pitch Glass Interposers
Chandra Nair
2.5D Glass Interposers/ Panel-based RDL
Modeling, design, fabrication and characterization for reliability of panel-based redistribution layer (RDL) technology at 20 µm pitch for high density fan-out substrates/interposers
Ninad Shahane
First Level Interconnections
Low-temperature and Ultra-low Pressure Cu Interconnections without Solder using Thermocompression Bonding for Low-cost High-throughput Assembly
Tailong Shi
Glass Fan-out Package
Design and demonstrate an ultra-thin, panel-level glass fan-out package (GFO) to serve as the next generation of fan-out packaging for high density digital and high performance analog, power, RF and mm-wave applications 
Grant Spurney 
High Density Capacitors   
Design and demonstration of high capacitance density tantalum capacitors in a panel-array format with ultra-low profiles​
Teng Sun 
Thin-film power inductors​
Thin-film power inductors
Design and Demonstration of advanced thin-film power inductors with high inductance, high current handling and low resistance
Atom Watanabee  
EMI Shielding (R&D)   
Research on innovative shield materials and structures with highest shielding effectiveness
5G and Beyond (D&D)
Design and Demonstration of 3D glass module technologies for 5G applications
Zihan Wu
2.5D Organic Interposer
Modeling, Design and Demonstration of Low Cost High Density 2.5D Organic Interposer at 40μm Bump Pitch