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Thin Film Passive Components (TPC)

Program Description

Thin film passive components for analog, digital, power and RF functions in smart mobile electronics and implantable bio-electronic systems.

Power IPDs
Power Components
Digital and RF Components
Interposer with Embedded Thin IPDs and Thin Film Passives

Today's component technologies lead to discrete and bulky systems with limited performance and miniaturization capability. A new set of thin and thick film technologies with nanomaterials and processes are required to address these limitations and transform the bulky discretes to integrated thin components.

    Unique Features of this Global Consortium Include:
  • Power supply components with 10-100X enhancement in component volumetric efficiency
  • Enhanced film properties for lower loss and improved efficiency
  • Power integrity in high-speed processors and 3D ICs
  • Integrated energy storage in packages
  • Stable dielectrics with high permittivity and permeability at high frequencies
  • Tunable thin film components
  • Noise isolation in mixed-signal systems
    Research Focus
  • High-density inductors: High permeability and low-loss magnetic core for higher volumetric and power efficiency
  • High-density capacitors: Advanced high-surface area electrodes and conformal dielectrics
  • Package integration of supercapacitors and thin film batteries
  • TSV and trench capacitors: Advanced dielectrics with low-cost wafer-compatible processes.
  • RF components: Stable dielectrics with high permittivity and permeability
  • EMI isolation: Horizontal and vertical EMI isolation in 3D systems.
    TPC Research Tasks and Team
  • Program Manager Dr. Raj Pulugurtha
  • Thin Film Batteries Prof. Meilin Liu
  • High-Density Inductors Dr. Raj Pulugurtha
  • High-Density Capacitors Dr. Himani Sharma
  • Organic, Silicon or Glass Substrates Dr. Venky Sundaram
  • Design and Characterization Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan
  • Supercapacitors Prof. Gleb Yushin
  • Industry Liaison and Memberships Mr. Dean Sutter, Director of Industry Relations
  • Faculty Director Prof. Rao Tummala, PRC Director

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