Art Ackerman

Global Market Segment Head – Automotive Electronics
Henkel Electronic Materials

Advanced Material Solutions for High Reliability Automotive Electronic Applications

Global regulatory requirements to reduce carbon emissions have impacted a variety of industries in unique ways. In the automotive sector, the desire to slash CO2 emissions has historically clashed with the prevalence of individual car ownership and the demand for increased performance. Car manufactures are constantly evolving designs to achieve regulatory and consumer harmony, integrating new electronics systems to electronically control and manage engine performance, enabling increased performance with improved efficiency. Advanced systems require highly-capable materials to interconnect components and substrates, manage heat, protect devices and ensure reliability. Henkel’s development priorities are centered on delivering electronic materials that facilitate: span>

About the Speaker

Art Ackerman currently serves as a Global Product Manager for Circuit Board Protection materials for Henkel Electronic Materials, where he supports a global customer base and a broad range of advanced materials products. Much of his work centers on development of electronic assembly processes in automotive, industrial component, and LED and lighting markets.

Upon completion of his degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Ackerman spent 5 years working in the semiconductor industry with a focus on novel processing techniques in front end semiconductor applications. His time in semiconductor manufacturing provided exposure to solar, telecom, and Luminescence applications. Since joining Henkel, Ackerman has held various positions including Applications Engineering where he gained expertise in materials for RF transceiver design, Solar and Photo voltaic manufacturing, and electronic protection for harsh environments. This work has proved an invaluable foundation for Ackerman’s current efforts with materials such as high reliability potting materials, low pressure moldable encapsulants, and chemical and temperature resistant materials, to enable next-generation assembly processes.