Nick Yu

Vice President

Driving Fast and Furious to 5G

Every once in a long while, a new technology comes along that redefines the boundaries and assumptions that came before it. 5G NR mmWave is emerging as a key technology that could define the next big moment in the mobile industry, ushering in the next generation of user experiences and significantly increasing network capacity. Mobile networks are currently facing soaring demands for mobile data as consumers increasingly utilize mobile devices to share and consume high-fidelity multi-media. On top of this, as the capabilities of mobile devices continue to grow — think high-resolution cameras, 4K video, VR, AR, etc. So does the many emerging consumer driven devices that demands data connectivity, such as cars, drones, home assistants, etc.

About the Speaker

Nick is a Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm Research. Prior to this, Nick has 24 years of tenure at Qualcomm with focus on low power wireless SoC design development, including semiconductor process roadmaping, deep submicron circuit design and methodology development, and packaging & assembly NPI engineering.