Rich Rice

Sr. VP of Business Development
ASE Group

From handhelds to highways – mobile IC packaging making the transition

For years, smartphones have been the primary commercial driver of advances in IC packaging, which, in turn, have enabled vast functionalities from communication to compute. But there’s now a shift under way, with tomorrow’s automobiles poised to deploy communication and computing power to rival, or even, far exceed performance requirements of the components in today’s mobile electronics. This is driving a compelling market for semiconductor innovation and investment, as due to longer life cycles, automotive electronics, comprising intricate IC components, must be highly reliable and must stand the test of time. Along with opportunities there are challenges that are driving the semiconductor industry to develop IC packages and modules for automotive applications. ASE’s Rich Rice will address some of the challenges transitioning IC packaging platforms to this new paradigm

About the Speaker

Rich Rice currently serves as Senior Vice President of Business Development for ASE (U.S.) Inc., with responsibilities within the North America region. Appointed in 2003, Mr. Rice has held positions within ASE to oversee West Region and North American sales and applications engineering support. In his 33 years in the semiconductor industry, he has held various engineering and business development positions at Amkor Technology and National Semiconductor Corporation. Mr. Rice actively serves in advisory roles for the iMAPS Executive Council and Global Business Council, MEPTEC, and the IC advanced packaging advisory board for SEMI. He holds a BS degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Illinois.