Sandeep Sane

Principal Engineer

Autonomous vehicles: emerging challenges in packaging technologies

Autonomous Vehicles it is certainly gathering momentum and it will not only revolutionize the automobile design but it will change the auto industry. From In-vehicle infotainment to autonomous driving, while there are significant innovations in technology that are happening today and more are required in near future to make these vision into reality. The presentation will provide an overview of current market trends in autonomous vehicles including highlighting some of the compute needs to support L3 to L5 level of autonomy. It is well known that safety and reliability of hardware and software system in these vehicles are of paramount important. The focus of presentation will primarily focus packaging technologies challenges to meet the extreme reliability requirements for these markets. It will highlight the need for stronger collaboration across component supplier to system designers to co-design and optimize to solve some of the challenges. In addition, it is important to re-visit of the reliability standards currently used in this market to ensure its extendibility and validity when it comes to high compute devices.

About the Speaker

Sandeep Sane is a Principal Engineer at Intel and he works in Technology Integration team in Assembly and Test Technology Development. In his current role, he is responsible for defining overall packaging strategy and drive innovative solutions for emerging markets such as autonomous vehicles. His area of expertise is in Thermo-Mechanical and Reliability issues in Electronic Packaging including Silicon-Package and Package to Motherboard interaction; and he has in-depth experience across Assembly processes, Thermals, Materials and Customer Interactions. Sandeep has filed for more than 20 patents and have published several technical articles in various conferences and journal proceedings. He received his M.S./Ph.D. from CalTech and B.S. from IIT Bombay, India.