Ken Araujo

Regional Manager
NAMICS Technologies, Inc.

The development of the materials for power module package

NAMICS is developing the latest cutting edge materials for power modules packages for Die Attach, Insulating Adhesive Film and Liquid Type Encapsulation. In this presentation, we will introduce our development approach for each material. Our Die Attach materials are characterized by a pressureless, low temperature sintering structure providing high thermal and electrical conductivity. They offer outstanding reliability by controlling the modulus to handle a variety of power module packages. Future development is focused on a copper sintering type. The Insulating Adhesive Film is designed to offer low thermal resistance with thin thickness for high thermal conductivity and voltage breakdown for wide band gap applications. Our current material offers 3 W/mK of thermal conductivity and over 4 kV/mm of breakdown voltage at 50 um thickness. Future development is focused higher thermal conductivity over 10 W/mK. Latest demands for Power Module Packaging require materials to withstand operating temperatures over 200 degree C. To meet these requirements, we are developing a Liquid Encapsulation Compound with a stable resin system at elevated temperature. Our focus is on a new resin system offering high thermal stability while controlling modulus and C.T.E. to meet the rigorous reliability requirements.

About the Speaker

Ken Araujo is the Regional Manager for NAMICS Technologies. For the past eight years, he has been responsible for providing technical and sales support to leading semiconductor and electronics companies throughout the US. Prior to joining NAMICS, he held various positions in the technical service, manufacturing and quality fields. He received his degree in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and currently resides in southeastern Massachusetts.