Thomas Gottwald

Director Next Generation Products
Schweizer Electronic AG

Kilowatt power-embedding in high-temperature organic laminates - PCB at its best

Miniaturization of Power Electronic modules requires the minimization of losses and optimized power dissipation. With the p² Pack technology it is possible to build ultra-thin modules with a thickness of 1- 2.0 mm which have less losses and improved power dissipation characteristics by using embedding technologies and processes of the Printed Circuit Board industry.

About the Speaker

Thomas Gottwald studied surface technology and material sciences. He entered Schweizer Electronic in 1991. He spent 10 Years in the process development department as a Project Manager. In 2001 he took over the responsibility for the Product Engineering Departement. Since 2014 he is Director of Next Generation Products at SCHWEIZER. His major topics are Component embedding technologies, Power Electronics and Thermal Management.