Julian Styles

Director Sales and Marketing, Americas

GaN in automotive – progress and prospects

As vehicle electrification technology matures, Gallium Nitride power devices are increasingly seen as a valuable option for reducing weight, improving efficiency, and lowering system cost. This presentation provides a brief recap of the history and basics of GaN; summarizes the current status of available GaN technology; explores the benefits of GaN in specific automotive applications; and concludes with some thoughts on future trends and development

About the Speaker

Julian Styles has a 25-year track record of working with innovative technologies in the USA, Europe and worldwide. As a technology consultant in Europe, he helped develop the technology behind digital cellphones, electric vehicle grid integration, and digital audio broadcast. In the 1990s he helped lead the team that developed the first practical on-board fast-charger for electric vehicles, and pioneered control systems for managing grid stability using electric vehicle chargers. He established and led the automotive multimedia team at Pi Group in the UK, a leader in the integration of personal digital devices, heads-up displays, MP3s and proximity sensing into vehicle interiors. Since moving to the USA in 2007, he helped spearhead the use of rapid development tools in areas such as advanced emissions control and active suspension. He joined GaN Systems in 2012, where he is responsible for introducing the company’s advanced gallium nitride power semiconductors to a wide range of markets, including consumer, energy, industrial, enterprise, and transportation. Julian is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and Ashridge Business School.