Jean-Christophe Eloy

Founder, President and CEO
Yole Développement

How autonomous driving and transport electrification are changing the needs for semiconductor devices for the car industry

Two revolutions are impacting at the same time the car industry: autonomous driving and transport electrification. Both of them are pushing the use of “More than Moore” devices in the car industry, with more sensors, more power devices… but also advanced digital functions in data processing in order to aggregate and use the in-coming information. The presentation will highlight the potential market impact and also the technical challenges to be overcome in order to bring Lidar, WBG power devices, advanced imaging… to the automotive market, as well as the potential evolutions of the supply chain.

About the Speaker

JC Eloy has created YOLE Développement in 1998 and is the President and CEO of Yole Développement in charge of the international development and strategic orientations of the company. He is directly involved in the Mems fields as advisor of YOLE customers and for M&A activities. JC Eloy and the 30 analysts of YOLE Développement are working directly with the key players of the industry from equipment and materials suppliers to device manufacturers and system integrators in Mems, power electronics, LED, photovoltaic and compound semiconductor business. Jean-Christophe Eloy has been 6 years manager of the marketing department of CEA/LETI (France), applied R&D organization involved in the semiconductor, Mems and instrumentation fields (1500 researchers). He then created the semiconductor practice at Ernst & Young in Europe and worked as senior manager in charge of the development of European activities. JC Eloy is also today board member of several companies in Europe and North America. Jean-Christophe Eloy is involved since 1991 in the Mems and semiconductor areas. JC Eloy is Engineer from INPG/ENSERG (semiconductor and telecommunications) and has a MBA from EM Lyon.