Jari Honkanen

Director, Product Engineering

Laser beam scanning LiDAR: MEMS-driven 3D sensing automotive applications from the interior to the exterior

While proliferation of ADAS has spawned headlines and interest in a variety of sensor technologies that allow vehicles to observe and understand their surroundings, similar opportunity is emerging inside the car for new types of sensors that can observe and understand the driver and passengers as well as to provide new types of intuitive control interfaces. This session will introduce MicroVision's MEMS Laser Beam Scanned LIDAR sensor technology that provide unique new 3D sensor capabilities, such as dynamic and variable resolution, acquisition speed and field of view.  These small and cost effective MEMS LIDAR sensors can be applied to new innovative interior and exterior automotive applications benefiting from high-fidelity 3D depth sensing from short to medium distances.           

About the Speaker

Jari Honkanen is Director of Product Engineering at MicroVision. Jari is responsible for defining and developing new products and applications based on MicroVision's PicoP® scanning technology, a MEMS and Laser Beam Scanning display and sensing platform. Jari also works collaboratively with MicroVision’s licensees and OEMs and ODMs bringing products incorporating the company’s patented MEMS technology to market. During his fifteen year tenure at MicroVision, Jari has held various technical leadership positions, including heading software, electronics platform, and systems engineering teams, giving him a broad insight into the overall technology platform and its applications. Prior to working at MicroVision, Jari co-founded and led two startup companies, Odin TeleSystems Inc. and DspWorks, Inc. which focused on open telecommunications and video compression technologies. Jari holds a Master of Science degree in Technical Physics from Helsinki University of Technology and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Jari is an IEEE Senior Member and has six issued patents and several patents pending in the area of MEMS Laser Beam Scanning and its applications.