Russell Dupuis

Steve W. Chaddick ‚ÄčEndowed Chair in Electro-Optics
Georgia Institute of Technology

High-Performance High-Power Wide-Bandgap III-N Power Switches

Successful development of III-N semiconductors has led to active research for improved high-power electronic devices.  III-N materials exhibit bandgap engineering flexibility, large and direct energy gap, and high carrier mobilities when compared to Si- and SiC-based devices, providing new performance improvement opportunities for energy-efficient electronics.  In this presentation, we will review the status of III-N high-power rectifiers.  III-N rectifiers have demonstrated switching performance approaching theoretical values.  These results establish the feasibility of using III-N PN junctions in devices for power amplifications and switching circuits.  Materials growth, and device design and processing techniques that help achieve these performance characteristics will be discussed.

About the Speaker

Professor Russell Dupuis is an internationally recognized expert in III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices, including high-power III-N electronic devices.  He worked in industry at Texas Instruments, Rockwell International, and AT&T Bell Laboratories.  Dupuis joined academia as a Chaired Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin in 1989.  He joined Georgia Institute of Technology in 2003 as full Professor in ECE and Materials Science and the Steve W. Chaddick Endowed Chair in Electro-Optics and a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar.  He has published >550 papers in reviewed journals and given many invited talks.