FUTURECAR 2017 – November 8-10, 2017 – Atlanta, GA

Future car electronics such as autonomous driving, in-car smartphone-like infotainment, privacy and security, and all-electric cars, present unparalleled research, development, manufacturing, education and marketing opportunities. They require new paradigms in devices and packaging particularly in materials, tools, processes, substrates, packages, components and integrated functions in R&D and in manufacturing. Georgia Tech and Semi see unprecedented technical challenges and opportunities in electrical, mechanical and thermal designs, and new digital, RF, radar, LiDAR, camera, millimeter wave, high-power and high-temp technologies.


Workshop Sessions

  1. Plenary Keynote Sessions
    Global leaders from industry and academia will present their perspective on topics related to the Future Car Electronics.
  2. Power Devices and Packaging
    Power devices and packaging session will focus on recent and emerging developments in wideband gap devices and, ultra-high power density and high-temp packaging.
  3. High-temperature Materials and Reliability
    This session will focus on high-temp electronics that include innovative and emerging high-performance devices, dielectrics, interconnections, passives and molding compound materials and structures to achieve ultra-high reliability.
  4. Sensing Electronics
    The sensing electronics session, will focus on self-driving sensing technologies such as radar, LiDAR, cameras and others.
  5. Computing, Communications and Infotainment
    This session will address the changing and diverse requirements for high bandwidth centralized and de-centralized computing within the car and 5G-like communications outside the car.
  6. Interactive Student Poster Session from Global Universities
    Grad students from universities and technical institutes performing leading-edge R&D across the globe will present technical poster papers related to the workshop themes in New Era of Automotive Electronics.

Who Should Attend

Design, R&D and manufacturing leaders across the entire supply-chain – including semiconductor, package, assembly, components and automobile manufacturers.



For more information, please contact:
Ms. Karen May, Workshop Coordinator
Georgia Institute of Technology
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This event will be held at: 
Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
84 5th St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30308-1031
Tel: 404 385-6203
Atlanta, GA 30332  USA