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PRC: Research, Education, Industry

The Georgia Tech 3D Systems Packaging Research Center focuses on Smart, wearable, IOT, automotive, bio-electronics, and high-performance systems research. Leading-edge electronic systems research, cross-disciplinary education, and industry collaborations with 50+ global companies, make the PRC a leader in System-on-Package research.

Research Areas

Design and demonstrate 2.5D and 3D interposers addressing electrical, mechanical and thermal barriers.
Panel-based ultra-thin glass as a high performance, high I/O density, and low cost platform.
All-Cu interconnections with and without solders for highest I/O density, high power handling, warpage reduction and system miniaturization.
Ultra-thin and high-performance 3D glass modules with double-side integration of actives and passives separated by 30µm.
Ultra-high bandwidth opto-electronic interconnections beyond TSVs by ultra-short optical vias in glass interposers at low power, low cost, and high alignment tolerance.
Advanced packaging technologies for automotive electronics – towards autonomous driving.